There are many things that make SpineDirect different from other companies in our industry.  Below are just a few of the many examples of why SpineDirect is the right choice for your hospital or practice:

  • Experience:  Our team of experts has the knowledge you need.  Not only was this expertise and experience put into the development of our products, it is also put to use for our clients on a daily basis. We offer on-site and online training and assistance that will keep your team up-to-date on all the advancements and products available to you.
  • Training:  We make our experts available to you where, when and how you need them.  We offer: on-site training at the location of your choosing, online training at the time of your choosing, access to a surgical technician online/by phone, and much more. We can also design a custom training program with an assortment of options to fit your needs.
  • Custom Product Options:  If we don’t have exactly what you are looking for just let us know.  We are happy to create a custom solution to fit the needs of your practice.
  • Our products have met and exceeded FDA approval guidelines:  Not only do we utilize the latest technology in all of our product testing, we also perform more in-depth product testing than many other companies in our industry.  That way you can be confident when using any of our products and services.  Want to see that data?  We are happy to provide it to you.
  • All products are made in the USA

These are just a few of the many ways SpineDirect stands out from the crowd.  Give us a call or fill out or contact form today and let us help you become another member of the SpineDirect family.

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