Posterior Cervical System

Many size options available for screws, hooks, rods, and transition rods (which allows connection to our Pedicle Screw System). Instrumentation allows for simple reduction of the rod. Large thread set screw allows for easy insertion and virtually eliminates cross-threading.

Interbody Fusion Devices

Cervical, PLIF, TLIF, ALIF and Lateral devices all made from 100% PEEK-Optima, by Invibio. Multiple footprint options within these variations. Pre-machined various degrees of lordosis. Threaded inserter attachment points and inserter stabilization points where needed. Proven clinical history. Large print on the implant for easy identification. Provides optimal stability and bone surface contact. Allows for lordotic correction and height restoration. Simple yet elegant instrumentation.

Cervical Plate System

One of the most elegant yet robust plate systems ever designed. Superior and quick integrated locking cover. Full range of sizes allows for precise fit with patients' anatomy. The System includes a range of screw shapes and sizes.

Pedicle Screws

A wide range of options including standard polyaxial screws, reduction screws, cannulated screws, cannulated reduction screws, and MIS cannulated screws.

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Products Currently Available:


  • DBM Allograft Bone Graft
  • Synthetic Bone Graft


  • Anterior Cervical Plate
  • Cervical Interbody
  • Posterior Cervical Thoracic


  • ALIF Interbody
  • PLIF Interbody
  • TLIF Interbody
  • IBF-X Interbody
  • Buttress Washer


  • Pedicle Screws
  • MIS Screws
  • Reduction Screws
  • Deformity System
  • Cobalt Chrome Rods

Future Products Soon to Come:

Interspinous Process Spacer

Cervical IBF with screws

ALIF IBF with screws

IBF-X with screws

Interspinous Plates

Anterior Lumbar Plates

SI Joint Fixation

PEEK with HA options

Dynamic Cervical Plate

Cranial Plates

Occipital Plates