Forward thinking spinal implant model

SpineDirect has the mission to provide motivated and like-minded organizations a sustainable quality spinal implant delivery model while giving control back to the administration, supply chain, and financial partners.

A commitment to excellence

SpineDirect has the expertise and experience to produce the highest quality products while offering outstanding services at affordable prices. With a combined experience of over 70 years, we have worked with Fortune 500 companies and smaller innovative design firms. We also have 46 patent applications, 28 patents, and over 30 FDA Clearances.

Advantages of Our Spinal Implants


All of our spinal implant designs use the most advanced materials and technologies.

FDA Approved

Be confident with our products as approved by the rigid standards of the FDA.

Proudly Made in the USA

We proudly design, develop and produce our products in the USA.

Performance Data

We are delighted to show or demonstrate how our products perform.

A Comprehensive Product Portfolio

We have a variety of products that solve many different problems for you and your patients. Our products are affordable and deliver quality performance.

Customized Service & Management Options

We can create tailor-made plans to meet your business requirements.

No Upsell

We do not implement any high-pressure sales techniques or upsells. We offer just the right products and services at the right price.

Contact us today and let us create the perfect plan for your business.